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The Mettler Agency Inc is an independent insurance agency founded in 1950 by Joseph and Theresa Mettler, grandparents of the current principals. Our business roots are in the life and health insurance arena. Through the guidance of John F. “Jack” Mettler and sibling Patrick J. Mettler, the agency has grown into the full-service operation it is today. Through planned perpetuation, Jack’s sons Thomas and David are the current principals.


Mission Statement

Mettler Agency Inc is committed to the principles of service, integrity, and education. We endeavor to treat all people as individuals with their own unique set of experiences and needs. We strive to place the needs of our clients above our own, understanding that the only way we may benefit from the client / agent relationship is through the satisfaction of the client. It is our commitment to perpetuate our successful traditions by continuously seeking improvement as we face demands of change.

Vision Statement

The agency conducts its work with the ideal of treating all people – employees, clients, insurance company personnel and prospects – respectfully and professionally. It is our moral obligation always to do what is right for the people we serve and allow their needs to dictate our actions and decisions. Further, we wish always to work in an atmosphere of trust and friendship so the workplace is an enjoyable place for all.

Pledge of Ethics

To the public we serve: We pledge to continuously strive to maintain the expertise necessary to protect our client’s interest and to live day by day with the thought that our needs will be met only after we have placed the needs of others first.

  • To the companies we represent: We pledge truth and the desire to fulfill our commitments to the greatest extent

  • To our competitors: We pledge to compete in the same manner as we would like others to compete against us

Photo of Dave and Tom Mettler

We're committed to the principles of service, integrity and education.

We've been providing quality insurance since 1950. Call us today!


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